Meet the Team at Gulfside Periodontics

Meet the Team

Trust, Compassion and Experience

Our team blends authentic care, innovative techniques, advanced technology and superior planning to help people save teeth, replace teeth or enhance smiles.

Working in tandem with Dr. Carter, your treatment team includes the following:

Professional Relationship Director (PRD) functions as the liaison between the referring doctor and specialist’s offices. They do everything that is needed to keep the communication open and consistent between practices, and to share relevant information to enhance patient care. 

Patient Care and Treatment Coordinator is your advocate throughout therapy. From start to finish, a Patient Care and Treatment Coordinator will help you navigate the logistics of treatment – answering your questions, coordinating your follow-ups, and checking in on you following treatments.

Dental Implant Coordinator works with our implant patients, educating them about implant treatment, coordinating appointments throughout the entire treatment sequence and answering their questions. In addition, they serve as our patients’ personal liaison between our office and the referring dentists’ office.

Hygienists and Surgical Assistants operate as highly-trained, experienced care providers in the course of your treatment. They play an imperative role in educating patients, fielding questions, and delivering superior patient care.

Post-Operative Specialist serves as a highly-skilled and experienced care provider in your dental rehabilitation. Their consultant-led follow up care will strive to ensure that you make a full and swift recovery.

A Licensed Nurse Anesthetist is always available to tailor safe sedation options that provide the optimal level of sedation and best-possible experiences for each individual patient.

Referring Doctors are an integral part of the treatment process at Gulfside Periodontics. Dr. Carter facilitates a collaborative and comprehensive approach to deliver optimal outcomes that increase the quality of life for each patient that we are privileged to support.

Working in concert with each other, this team comes together to provide the most comprehensive, forward-thinking, authentic care for each and every patient.